Reliable and simple team password manager for your company

Passwork is like «Dropbox» for passwords! Store all of your team passwords in protected vaults, collaborate with teammates, track changes, monitor security and use one click logon.

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General Features

  • Safely store passwords

    • Modern encryption algorithms AES-256 and RSA
    • All data is encrypted in a browser
    • The data stored on the server cannot be decrypted
    • Two-factor authentication Google Authenticator
  • Work and collaborate

    • Invite teammates to vaults and folders
    • Users always see the relevant passwords
    • Log on to web sites in one click
    • Modern and clear interface
  • Manage your company passwords

    • Set custom permissions for passwords and folders
    • Track all activities and roll back to old password editions if necessary
    • Find unsecured, old, weak and other compromised passwords
    • Import, export, drag ’n’ drop, tag, search, and more!

Available on many platforms

Web version

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Browser plugin

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On Premise Edition

Install Passwork on your own servers
  • 100% secure Your servers, Your infrastructure
  • Auditable source Goes with open for audit sources
  • White Label Use with your brand and integrate with your product

Data Security

All critical data is encrypted in a browser using your unique master password. Impossible to decrypt data from the server side.

User data Master password

Your master password never goes to the server.

AES-256 and RSA-encryption
Passwork Servers are hosted in a private datacenter in Finland
Multilevel data protection system
  • Server-side encryption AES-256
  • Firewall
  • Backups, failover cluster
  • Strict staff access

Our servers store already encrypted data, which is impossible to decrypt. The protection system handles all types of access to the service and servers.

More about security
$1.5 per month for 1 user All features are automatically available No limits for passwords or vaults All platforms are supported

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