Password manager for companies

Comes with auditable source code that is hosted on your servers

  • 100% secure. Install Passwork on your own servers, managed exclusively by you
  • Auditable source code customizable to your environment
  • White Label
    Use your brand,
    integrate with your product

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Company passwords are under control

Advanced features
for collaboration
Secure one-time links, sharing by email, facilitates working in groups.

Agile user
access management
Company manages the passwords
but not the employees.

Tracking history
of password use
Updates notifications, grants access,
and shows history.

Advanced securityEncrypted database
auditable source code, your servers.

Public API Get integrated or develop your
own Passwork client.

System featuresLDAP support, auto backups, etc.

Why companies need to centrally store passwords

Do your employees have to work with enterprise passwords? How do they receive them and pass them on, if they need to send them by e-mail or Skype? Do you know which passwords should be changed when an employee leaves the company?

If your infrastructure is running on Windows stack and you have a domain, immediately the question arises: who knows the domain administrator’s password, how the password is transferred to a new administrator, how often an administrator uses the password (this password is usually complicated, complex and difficult to remember)?

According to statistics, an employee spends more than 100 hours a year searching for forgotten passwords in the mailbox. The risk of enterprise password mismanagement can reach 0.8% of the company’s capitalization. Integration of an enterprise password manager reduces the risks and costs more than 10 times.

Sometimes it’s difficult, expensive or impossible to use personal passwords within a company. Typically, Web developers and Internet companies experience this. For example, the need to store administrative passwords (i.e. Windows domain administrator), passwords for websites or official accounts for social networks. There are also non-IT -related cases (e.g. security organizations need to store alarm PINs for protected sites).


Passwork® comes with auditable source code that is customizable to your environment,
supports Docker and uses open technologies

Server side
  • Phalcon PHP
    PHP +
    Phalcon PHP
  • Mongo DB
    Mongo DB
Client side
  • HTML 5
    HTML 5
  • Angular JS
    Angular JS
You can install Passwork on:

How is the product updated?

We will send you an archive file containing the update and instructions. In case of problems, our technicians are always ready to give a hand. Usually, the update takes less than 10 minutes.

Do you give any technical support?

Certainly. Technical support is available during working days from 09.00 to 20.00 (GMT+3). For operational support, you can contact us by phone or on Skype.

Is the solution open source?

The solution comes with source code. You can also make changes to the code (other than the licensing system), but this is at your own risk. If problems are encountered, you can get the solution taken from the official technical support team. You may not distribute the source code or parts thereof to third parties. Passwork comes with open (auditable) source code, but it does not fall under the concept of open source licensing.

A great product, but we would like it to provide more options and possibilities

No problem! We develop Passwork based on user requests. Write us at, and tell us what you would like to see in Passwork.

Do we make a once-off payment, or is a subscription required?

You make a one-off payment for the box. During the first year, updates are supplied free of charge. After a year, you can purchase an annual subscription for updates at 30% of the value of your solutions. Subscription for updates is optional, but we recommend you to buy it, since updates improve the security of the system and add new functionalities.

What if we would like to increase the number of users in the future?

You must pay the difference in cost of solutions (for example, the solutions for 30 and 40 users). We will send you an additional license key, which must be stored in a specific folder. The system will automatically recognize the key and increase the limit. This operation has no effect on the stored data.

Is it a safe solution?

We have done everything to make Passwork as safe as possible. The auditable source code allows for your own security audit. Passwork is installed on your server, to which only you have access, and the solution can operate without Internet access (in a completely closed loop). The database stores the encrypted data, and your administrators can configure user access accordingly.

We would like to offer Passwork to our customers. Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for further details