Password manager for your business.
Hosted on your company's server

Passwork makes corporate passwords easy. All of the data is stored safely on your server,
and employees will quickly be able to find the right passwords.
The administrator manages user rights and keeps track of all actions and changes.

Reliable password storage
Collaboration with teammates
User management

What Makes us Special

Hosted on your server
You control everything.
The data is encrypted with the AES–256 algorithm
Made in Finland
We are a Finnish company «Passwork Oy», based in Helsinki. We follow the laws of the European Union
Active Directory Support
Users can use their logins and passwords from Windows to log in to Passwork
Convenient user and right managements
Invite teammates to your vaults, easily set up access rights
Auditable source code
Make sure everything is working right. Always be sure that there are no vulnerabilities or security problems.
Try a Free Demo for up to five users
Test all the features of Passwork on your server for free

Available on many platforms

Web version
Use any modern web browser
Download for iOS, Android
Browser plugin
Download for Chrome, Firefox


Passwork comes with an auditable source code that you can customize. It supports Docker and utilizes open technologies

PHP + Phalcon PHP
Database Mongo DB
Angular JS
Server side support:
  • image
  • image


Is it safe?

Passwork is installed on the server of your company. That means you control everything. The data on the server is encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm, the encryption gold standard. Also, you can configure encryption in your browser. The auditable source allows you to check all lines of the code.

What is the payment schedule?

You pay once for the self hosted edition. The cost includes one year of updates. After you can purchase an annual update subscription for 50% of the solution cost. This subscription is optional, but we recommend it to keep your Passwork up to date to make sure it is 100% secured.

Do you have technical support?

Passwork is made and supported in Finland. Our support is available from 10:00 till 18:00 (GMT +3).

How do updates work?

You will download updates from our repository. This operation is automatic or manual depending on your instructions. Usually the update takes no more than 10 minutes. Do not worry if you have trouble — our support is here to help.

What if we want to increase the number of users?

Easy. You simply upgrade your plan. We will send you an additional license key and Passwork will automatically integrate the key and increase your user limit. This will not affect your currently store data.

We like Passwork, but we need more features

We develop Passwork based on customer feedback and feature requests. Let’s discuss what you need. Reach out to us at

Demo edition
5 users
Full trial.
Works 30 days.
Try now
20 users
Free annual updates and customer support included
50 users
Free annual updates and customer support included
Most popular
100 user
Free annual updates and customer support included
Need more than 100 users? Email us to get a personal quote.